Romancing the wood: Siberian Floors

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A favorite of discerning architecture firms and contractors, Siberian Wood Floors has developed a spotless reputation during the past 17 years for unique, high-end wood flooring.

Drawing its stock from well-managed forests in Siberia, Central Russia, and the Kavkaz Mountains, the company respects regional environmental guidelines and follows the principles of selective timber harvesting—an approach known to produce the highest quality of lumber while promoting natural reforestation. Siberian is dedicated to the use of vegetable-based hardwax oils and harmless or non-toxic chemicals that are formaldehyde-free.

This site’s exceptional aesthetics and noteworthy usability are derived from both its form and function. Though we designed the original website in Flash, it was later rebuilt in WordPress and HTML5, and exists in three different languages. 

The design focuses heavily on feeling—on connecting with the textures and colors present in the product’s assorted treatments and finishes. The undeniable quality of the company’s work is breathtakingly on display through professional photography, helping customers perceive their own design visions via architectural interior shots (restaurants, stores, private homes) highlighting floor application examples. The experience is a digital translation of Siberian Wood Floors’ showroom and in-store experiences across the world, featuring panels of wood prominently along the walls, as if they were precious paintings.

Visit the site.

Our responsibilities on this project

Design (including branding, font, colors, and logo design); UX; front-end and back-end development.