Playing with Gnu Foods

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Created in New York, Gnu Foods (now known as nuGo Fiber d’Lish) made high-fiber treats that found favor with pregnant ladies, constipated children, and U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan. Their playful and colorful brand was like candy to us, and we designed a beautiful web experience for their customers. 

This 2006 project was one of our first to involve content strategy in addition to design and development. We designed a full range of tonalities for the site’s messaging—from light-hearted quips squawked randomly by the Gnu Foods bird mascot to an appropriately-serious tone for the site’s medical information sections.

The product underwent brand transformations and name changes in the 2010s, but you can check out a fragmented hint of what we created for Gnu Foods via the Wayback Machine.

Our responsibilities on this project

Graphic design; content strategy; user experience design; information architecture; front-end development; back-end implementation.