A perfect ride: Redesigning Brilliant Bicycles

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Brilliant Bicycles builds bikes sustainably, delivering the vehicles directly to their customers. This enables the company to offer a superior product at a remarkably affordable price.

We jumped in on their site redesign project just six months prior to launch, working closely with Brilliant management to focus on immediate tactical needs and longer-term strategic goals.

Our first task was to design a landing page that also was a contest. The contest served the dual purpose of achieving social proof while also building a mailing list. While the contest ran, we designed and launched a site for Brilliant that was as beautiful, clean, and minimal as Brilliant’s bikes are. The entire site was developed on the Shopify platform.

Over the next few months, we worked with Brilliant to optimize the site as much as possible, in terms of both speed and conversion—squeezing out every ounce of performance (just like the bikes do). Indeed, you could look at our efforts to build the most performant website possible as a reflection of the brand’s core value: performance. Through a solid conversion optimization plan, we were able to continuously boost the performance of the site, week after week.

We worked hand in hand with the Brilliant team to develop the creative direction of the site, the company, and its product imagery, and with marketing to optimize the design of their weekly newsletter. During the site design, we worked to integrate and test features (such as upset offers) and set up automated emails using Klaviyo.

Our responsibilities on this project

Strategy, design, front-end development, and back-end implementation and development.