Roland Dubois, Design Director

To sift through complexity takes a keen mind for juxtaposition, not to mention a knack for nuance—a talent for transforming the systems in problems into relevant design. Even among those in the web industry, Roland Dubois’ experience is solid and extensive.

Roland Dubois, Designer/Developer

A founder of tech startups, Dubois specializes in design and front-end development. His app development work has twice been featured by Apple, and he’s tackled projects for the NFL, Adobe, Siemens, BenQ, Scholastic, Zynga, and Stella Artois. 

Roland is an end-to-end polymath, from branding and animation to app development, user experience, and information architecture. Dedicated to best practices, Roland’s work is characterized by semantic web development with web standards; cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility; and progressive enhancement. He even taught mobile app development to 650 students in ten states through an arrangement with Samsung.

If that weren’t enough, Roland is trilingual, an ADTV-certified ballroom dancer, and a marathon runner (coincidentally trained in welding) who has hiked 4 continents. He owns two papillons and makes an epic vegan gelato.

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