Jeffrey MacIntyre, Content Director

Everything begins with your content—and that’s where Jeffrey MacIntyre comes in. 

Jeffrey is a content-focused strategist, information architect, and consultant, with deep roots in product development, user experience, and information sciences. A client once said Jeffrey builds content machines. They weren’t wrong.

Jeffrey MacIntyre, Content Director

Jeffrey’s career-long focus on the business and craft of content is rooted in finding new ways to make the work of creators creatively vital and commercially viable. Today it’s a commonplace—in virtually every sector of every brand, business or institution—to say content and business opportunity are intertwined, but the choices are overwhelming and the challenges daunting: this is why solid strategy work matters in digital efforts. In past years he’s had a hand in mainstreaming the practice of content strategy within UX; now his work increasingly focuses on designing for personalization and content discovery, or the IA for AI.

Jeffrey has worked with clients in a variety of sectors, from ecommerce to media & entertainment, startups to the Fortune 50, including: the American Museum of Natural History, Arts & Entertainment Television Networks, AutoTrader Group, Best Buy, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Condé Nast Media, NBCUniversal, News Corporation, Philips, Thomson Reuters, Universal Music Group, University of Michigan, Viacom, Vimeo, and Yahoo!

At studio.zeldman, Jeffrey defines content offerings, and designs products and experiences that deliver them—as well as the publishing, data and information systems that support them. Recent projects have been split between strategy, design and management consulting: from establishing a global, category-owning media giant’s content strategy for screened entertainment; designing personalized content experiences and products; and to scaling large, end-to-end content operations.