Dan Mall, Creative Director

Innovation begins with collaboration. And nobody is better at finding new ways to work together than Dan Mall—designer, developer, and creative force of nature. 

Dan Mall, Designer

Dan’s resume reads like a history of some of web design’s greatest hits. He’s the CEO and co-founder of SuperBooked, and the author of Pricing Design. At various times, he has been co-founder of Typedia, The Businessology Show, No Chains, and swfIR; design director at Big Spaceship; interactive director at Happy Cog; technical editor for A List Apart; and singer and keyboard player for contemporary-Christian band Four24. Between projects, Dan writes about design and other issues on Twitter and his personal site.

For studio.zeldman, Dan spins his web of innovative collaboration on selected major projects through his design consultancy and partner studio, SuperFriendly.

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